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The project follows the Semantic Versioning specification for its version numbers. Patch-level increments indicate bug fixes, minor version increments indicate new functionality and major version increments indicate backwards incompatible changes.

Version 0.1 (2012-05-19)

  • Initial version of django-refinery (extracted from django-filter v0.5.3).
  • Converted all original doctests to unittests.
  • Merged the work of various forks of django-filter to add a lot of new functionality (with source at the end):
    • Filtering logic refactored to use Q objects instead of QuerySets (from the django-qfilters project by Steve Yeago).
    • Added ability to specify lookup type in FilterSet meta class (Maurizio Melani).
    • Allow to ovveride form and form fields creation (Marke Wywial via I-DOTCOM LLC).
    • Add Class-based generic view (Alisue).
    • Add empty_label for ChoiceFilter (Vladislav Poluhin).
    • Allow order_by to take a list of lists (or tuples), letting you override the display name of potential ordering columns. (Ross Poulton).
    • Altered test model definitions for field inheritance tests, added inherited field definition for testing, made filters work with inherited fields, added open range filters, added date and time range fields, and added support for derived model fields (Sergiy Kuzmenko).
    • Document how to use alongside django-pagination, fixed problem where blank choice was not clearing the query variable, and added ability for LinkWidget to accept (None,”Label”) element for choices tuple which clears the given filter (Richard Barran).
    • Filter instance queryset is directly subscriptable andadded multi-field filter (Stephan Jaekel).
    • Reversed position of field and lookupfield and added the ability to provide ‘pretty’ options for lookup types (Tino de Bruijn).


The django-refinery package was written by Jacob Radford and based on the django-filter project by Alex Gaynor.

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For the current list of code contributors to the django-refinery project, visit http://github.com/nkryptic/django-refinery/contributors

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